Cancelled/Delayed Elections:

The First General Election of India was held from 25th Oct 1951 to 21st Feb 1952. The first CEC(Chief Election Commissioner) was Sukumar Sen.

There had been delayed/cancelled elections in some instances in the country.

  1. As in 1984, Lok Sabha / Parliamentary voting were delayed in Assam & Punjab due to internal issues & terrorist related disturbances and it was conducted in 1985. Also in the same year, Lok Sabha / Parliamentary voting in Mizoram had zero value in the record & Shri Lalduhoma of the INC was elected to represent this constituency in the Eighth Lok Sabha.

  2. In 1991, the 10th Lok Sabha / Parliamentary voting in Jammu and Kashmir were not held due to insurgency in the state & state of emergency was followed. Also, voting in Punjab was not held due to violent activities in the state & the state was in emergency from 1987 to 1992. And the 10th Lok Sabha election were held in the year 1992.

  3. India was under Emergency from Jun 1975 to Mar 1977 due to internal disturbances, which allowed the general election to be suspended & civil liberties were curbed.

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