2016 Tamil Nadu Legislative Results

     2016 election for Tamil Nadu legislative assembly had given a single majority stable government and it was notable in many ways

  • This was the first time after 1984 for AIADMK and J. Jayalalithaa to be re-elected.
  • AIADMK contested in the highest number of constituencies 227.
  • All 234 constituencies were contested by AIADMK allies in the party symbol.
  • Third front Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (MMK) was formed and it was lead by Vijayakanth.
  • Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) & Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) contested in 232 & 231 constituencies as single parties without any alliances.
  • DMK vote bank had grown by 65.7% and at the same time AIADMK had grown 24.5% compared to previous election.
  • Post election J.Jayalalithaa & M.Karunanidhi both passed away in the coming years.
  • J.Jayalalithaa & M.Karunanidhi who had been ill for a long time, died in the months following the election.

It was a tough fight between DMK & AIADMK and none of the other alliances/parties were able to open thier vote bank itself.

Out of 5.78 crore electors, the voter turn out was 4.32 crore, which is calculated to a polling percentage of 74.74%.

1.76 crore out of 4.32 crore voters have chosen AIADMK, which is 24.5% more compared to 2011 election.
1.37 crore voters have chosen DMK, which is 65.7% more compared to 2011 election.
0.27 crore voters have chosen INC, which is 19.0% less compared to 2011 election.
0.12 crore voters have chosen BJP, which is 49.9% more compared to 2011 election.

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