2014 Jharkhand Legislative Results

     2014 election for Jharkhand legislative assembly had given a stable government for the first time. All previous elections resulted in hung assembly.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got single majority with 43 seats. 41 seats are required for majority to form a government. The detailed results are shown in the below tables & PI charts.

Out of 2.09 crore electors, the voter turns out was 1.39 crore, which is calculated to a polling percentage of 66.5%.

There were no major alliances formed prior to the election.

0.43 crore out of 1.39 crore voters have chosen BJP, which is 100.08% more compared to 2009 election.
0.14 crore voters have chosen INC, which is 12.66% less compared to 2009 election.
0.28 crore voters have chosen JMM, which is 81.35% more compared to 2009 election.

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