2015 NCT of Delhi Legislative Results

     2015 election for NCT of Delhi legislative assembly had given a single majority stable government. The previous 2013 election resulted in a hung assembly. Aam Aadmi Party (AAAP) got single majority with 66 seats. The detailed results are shown in the below tables & PI charts.

Out of 1.33 crore electors, the voter turns out was 0.9 crore, which is calculated to a polling percentage of 67.6%.

0.49 crore out of 0.9 crore voters have chosen AAAP, which is 110% more compared to 2013 election.
0.29 crore voters have chosen BJP, which is 11% more compared to 2013 election.
0.09 crore voters have chosen INC, which is 55.2% less compared to 2013 election.

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