2013 NCT of Delhi Legislative Results

     2013 election for NCT of Delhi legislative assembly had given a hung assembly.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got 31 seats, but they failed to prove its majority. It was the first election for Aam Aadmi Party (AAAP) and it got 28 seats. The detailed results are shown in the below tables & PI charts.

AAAP formed the government with external support from INC, but in Feb-2014 chief minister Arvind Kejriwal resigned his position due to “Jan Lokpal Bill” issue. The state was under President’s rule from Feb-2014 to Feb-2015.

Out of 1.19 crore electors, the voter turns out was 0.79 crore, which is calculated to a polling percentage of 66.4%.

0.26 crore out of 0.79 crore voters have chosen BJP, which is 16% more compared to 2008 election.
0.23 crore voters have chosen AAAP and it is the first election for AAAP.
0.19 crore voters have chosen INC, which is 22.4% less compared to 2008 election.

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